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Satisfied Clients

"Cedric is uber-talented, a total professional...I feel like I have a secret weapon in Cedric"
—Rene Norton, Creative Director, BI Worldwide

"Cedric consistently 'over-delivered', constantly surprising us with his creativity and draftsmanship. We will work with him again and again."
—Tom Bancroft, FunnyPages Productions

"Cedric is one of those rare artists that you hope to find and want to keep at the top of your list for future projects!"
—Rob Corley, FunnyPages Productions

"I am beyond impressed...Cedric not only brings a solid wrist, he also brings fresh perspectives and out of the box thinking. A true collaborator."
—Randall Herrera, Design Director, Olson-Denali Advertising

"Cedric always comes up with the most fun and pleasing designs. He is always on time and brings a lot of expert experience to the table. He is always thinking of ways to give a little extra, too, while staying in the budget confines of the project."
—Tim Hodge, Executive Producer, Big Idea

"I really enjoyed working with Cedric. He is a complete professional and extraordinarily gifted. I will not hesitate to recommend him for future work on our projects."
—Donna Turner, National Geographic School Publishing

Character Design   Illustration   Toy Design 
About   Testimonials   Contact

1 (952) 412-7686 • cedric@cedricstudio.com
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All artwork is copyright © 2009 by Cedric Hohnstadt or respective clients. Do not use or reproduce without permission.